X-Ray Reflectivity Basic Models

Find datasets and a basic GenX file for fitting some simple XRR examples here.

XRR files-20170908

This dataset includes:

  1. Glass substrate data and basic GenX file
  2. Approximately 15nm Cu on glass
  3. Approximately 30nm Nb on glass
  4. Approximately 20nm Ta on glass
  5. Approximately 25nm Ta on glass
  6. Approximately 80 nm Fe3O4 on glass
  7. Approximately [80nm:5nm] [Fe3O4:Pt] bilayer on glass

Notice that for the first initial fit you want to stay as close to the ‘guess’ of the sample as possible. (i.e. for (4) start with 1 layer on glass). You will find that to get the data to fit you may need to increase layers for interdiffusion or oxide at a sample surface.

Some useful information:

Material Density (g/cm3) Atomic weight Number density (atoms/A)
SiO2 2.3 60.084 0.02305
Cu 8.96 63.5 0.08497
Nb 8.57 92.906 0.05555
Ta 16.7 180.95 0.05558
Fe3O4 5.17 231.537 0.01345
Pt 21.45 195.08 0.06622

Solutions available on request.