Research Group

Dr Guru Venkat

Guru Venkat Photo

Guru graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2018. He was studying the propagation of spin waves in magnetic nanostructures using micromagnetic simulations and Brillouin light scattering. He is now hired on an EPSRC funded project for measuring the spin Seebeck effect (SSE) in bulk single and polycrystalline materials as well as thin films. He is also studying the role of spin waves in the SSE and how the SSE efficiency can be increase by utilizing better spin wave propagation.

Dr Christopher Cox

Chris Cox Photo

Chris graduated from his undergraduate with a 1st Class Honours in Physics and Sports Science from Loughborough University in 2014. After accepting a PhD position in 2014, he later successfully defended his Viva and graduated in December 2018 with a PhD in Experimental Physics. His thesis summarised work on fabricating and developing Heusler alloy thin films and multilayers for waste heat energy harvesting based on the spin Seebeck effect.

Chris undertook his first Post-Doctoral Research Associate position working on magnetite for similar thermoelectric applications. Continuing with the same vein of research his second position was based on increasing the efficiency and figure of merit of such devices. Amongst his many talents, Chris has a wealth of thin film deposition knowledge in addition to magnetic, thermal and electrical characterisation techniques including extensive experience of experiments at neutron and hard x-ray large scale facilities.

Mr Mohamed Mohsen Abdelaziz Awad

Mohamed Awad photo

Mohamed is a first year PhD student working on alternative thin films for spin Seebeck devices (thermoelectrics, magnetism and spin Seebeck effect). He has experience in the development of nanomaterials, solar cells and thermoelectrics.

Ms Saloni Saloni


Saloni is a MSc Advanced Physics student working on the project ‘Tandem Type Perovskite Solar Cell’.  The aim of this is to generate data flow by light using Li-Fi technology (a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system) powered by a Solar cell. Currently, she is studying Perovskites as the functional layer of a Tandem type solar cell. She has experience in electronics and knows how to develop integrated circuits on Proteus Simulation, DipTrace and on PCB single and double-sided layout.

Mr Nikhil Suchak

N Suchak

Nikhil is a final year MPhys Engineering Physics undergraduate, returning from a year in industry, investigating the spin Seebeck effect in alternative alloys. These thin films will first be characterized to identify their physical parameters, before conducting electrical and magnetic measurements to calculate the spin Seebeck coefficient. Should this work be successful, a potential device may have been found that can be industrialised for thermoelectric applications.

Ms Laura Stuffins

Laura is a third year PhD student using XMCD to investigate magnetic thin films for superconducting spitronics. Primary supervisor is Dr Niladri Banerjee.

Mr Will Huish

Will is a final year PhD student working in the additive manufacturing CDT at Loughborough. He is investigating the application of 3D printing to quantum technologies, including the emerging field of quantum systems engineering. Primary supervisor is Dr Dan Engstrom.

Mr Arthur Coveney

Arthur is a second year PhD student working in the additive manufacturing CDT at Loughborough, investigating new materials for additive manufacturing. Primary supervisor is Dr Dan Engstrom.

Mr Iliya Dimitrov

Iliya is a third year PhD student working on developing a multi head 3D printer for potential quantum technologies. Primary supervisor is Dr Dan Engstrom.

Mr Amir Mehrnejat

Amir is a first year PhD student who will be working on investigating new materials and devices for spintronics. This includes manipulating 2D heterostructures such as graphene. Primary supervisor is Dr Fasil Dejenes.