East Midlands Institute of Physics

I will be posting links to activities and outreach opportunities as part of the East Midlands Branch of the Institute of Physics. For undergraduates – this is a good opportunity to get involved in science communication (or to play with some cool toys).


First up:

Light Night at Nottingham, 10th February 2017

“Nottingham city’s 10th Light Night and the 9th time the Physics Buskers have presented ‘The Light Fantastic’, a selection of hands-on activities all on the subject of Light”

Organised by University of Nottingham – you can sign up here to get involved.

Community Day, Loughborough,  25th March

“As part of British Science Week, Loughborough University hosts a ‘Community Day’ event where Loughborough locals are invited on campus to take part in various ‘science based’ activities.”

Organised by Loughborough University – see here for more.